About Us
At the Center for Agribusiness Development and Mechanization in Africa (CADMA), we are on a mission to transform the agricultural landscape across the continent. Our vision is to make CADMA to Africa's agriculture what Silicon Valley is to technology - a hub of innovation, empowerment, and economic growth.

We stand as a beacon for young farmers and players in the agribusiness value chain, offering a range of economic, scientific, technological, professional, and educational activities designed to uplift and empower them.

Our focus on the application of modern technology and mechanization techniques sets us apart, bringing a fresh perspective to traditional agricultural practices.

At CADMA, we work tirelessly to advance ground-breaking agricultural ideas, products, and services. Through our efforts, we aim to foster a new generation of veteran agripreneurs, who will not only meet Africa's food demands but also contribute significantly to global food security.

Our commitment is to reduce youth unemployment and poverty, promote sustainable farming, and push the boundaries of what is possible in agribusiness. By doing so, we believe we can unlock the vast potential that lies dormant in Africa's agricultural sector.We're not just an organization; we are a movement.

We are CADMA - pioneering the future of Africa's agribusiness.

Join us on our journey as we sow the seeds for a prosperous and sustainable future.