Our Story
The Centre for Agribusiness Development and Mechanisation in Africa (CADMA) was born from a vision to redefine African agriculture. Recognizing the sector's untapped potential, CADMA pioneers technological advancement and youth participation, transforming the perception of farming from an antiquated career to an avenue of exciting opportunities.

We champion education, empowerment, and innovation, spotlighting the economic prospects of agribusiness. Our initiatives, including the Agribusiness Awareness Creation Program, Fellowship Program, and the Agripreneur Challenge, provide aspiring agripreneurs the necessary support, funding, and exposure to thrive.

At our CADMA Hub, innovative agricultural technologies come to life, heralding Africa’s agribusiness renaissance. ECO-CADMA, our self-sustaining ecosystem, nurtures collaboration within the agribusiness value chain.

CADMA's journey is an ongoing narrative of transformation, empowering Africa's youth and reshaping the agricultural landscape towards a prosperous, self-sufficient future.